Husum Wind Fair 2017

Kristin Schmidt


Kristin Schmidt

+49 421 696 80 044

Meeting place, workbench and shop window of the wind industry for over 25 years

See you in Husum: Situated right in the middle of hall 2 booth 2D04 - with its Offshore focus - you can't miss us!

Our exhibition team does everything in its power to make sure that our booth has a welcoming atmosphere and also an informative value to our visitors.

  • We offer you a variety of hot and cold drinks
  • In our lounge area, you can make appointments with our sales managers
  • Or you watch impressing aerial films recorded on one of our sites enjoying our 4-meters-high plasma display
  • All visitors to our booth have a chance to participate in our raffle and win a special RTS-kit-bag every day

Are you lucky and have recieved a printed personal invitation from RTS? Then make sure you visit us and collect your "HUSUM-WIND-SPECIAL-EDITION" present we reserved for you - as long as the stock lasts!

We are looking forward to seeing you in September!

Husum Wind Booth 2017

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Official Web Presence of the Husum Wind Fair

Impressions from the Husum Wind 2015

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