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Wind energy has a future. This is becoming clearer with every passing year of implementation of the energy revolution.

We at RTS recognized the potential in the industry as early as 1997:

  • To build windmills with dedicated people
  • Create a future worth living
  • Establish a harmony between ecology and economy

… these are our declared objectives. We initially started by procuring trained personnel for the industry. This was a win-win situation for everyone: employees, customers and also for RTS.

Things have developed in the meantime and we now do much more than that. Although personnel leasing still remains part of our comprehensive offering on all aspects of wind energy, nowadays we also erect complete wind parks ourselves using in-house teams, and also repair and maintain the wind turbines at sea and on land. We have become firmly established in the industry which benefits from our many years of expert knowledge.

With offices in Germany, Austria and UK, we are perfectly equipped to meet the requirements of our customers across Europe.

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