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Neil Parry


Neil Parry

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Our guiding principles are based on values towards which we gear our entrepreneurial activity and success. These values are the basic principles we follow in the collaboration with our employees, business partners and society.


The welfare of our employees is extremely important to us which is why safety has the highest priority in all work processes. We can only establish a partnership with employees and business partners based on trust if we comply with extremely rigorous safety standards. In close cooperation with educational institutes with experience in the industry, we take responsibility for the ongoing qualification of our employees.


We strive to achieve harmony between ecology and economy: our aim is to operate efficiently and achieve growth using energy sources that protect the climate and are kind to the environment.


By analyzing the specific requirements for the employees we procure for our customers, we can offer qualification offerings tailored to individual requirements. Our aim is to give skilled personnel the opportunity to specialise further in a promising job market and open up new career perspectives for them.


We demonstrate integrity in our partner-like dealings with employees and business partners. We treat people as equals and want the values and interests of all parties involved to be taken into account in decisions. Because we strive for sustainable business relationships with employees and business partners, we make sure that problems are resolved through respectful dialogue.


As service provider for wind turbines, we embrace the specific challenge of being market leader for qualitative and quantitative procurement of trained personnel. This decision to specialize as a personnel service provider in the renewable energy sector spurs us on. We see ourselves as a pioneer with many years of onshore and offshore experience in an expanding industry. For our Europe-wide expansion we are looking for open-minded communicative employees who want to join us in our search for challenges and adventure.

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